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Windshield Crack Replacement In Costa Mesa

When Should You Consider Windshield Crack Replacement?

Your car’s windshield is an important part of your overall safety when you are behind the wheel. It can crack or chip due to many reasons, and you must ensure that it’s always in its peak condition to ensure everyone’s safety in the car. Smaller chips and cracks can be fixed by an auto glass repairs service. But beyond a certain size, a damage will ask for windshield crack replacement for everyone’s safety.


Windshield’s Structure

The need for windshield crack replacement or repair can be better understood once you know how a windshield is made. A windshield will have two transparent layers of glass with a vinyl resin layer going between them. It is because of this vinyl resin that the glass pieces don't fly when it is broken on collision. This helps in preventing serious injuries from glass. So the need for windshield crack replacement will depend on not only the damage caused to the glass, it will also take into account this vinyl resin has been damaged or not. If it is also chipped or cracked, the windshield will lose its ability to withstand any more impact. Its structural integrity against strong winds can also be affected. In such a case, an auto glass expert will suggest a replacement over a repair.


When Will you Need Replacement?

As a general rule, any crack that’s longer than 24 inches requires that the windshield be replaced. But there are many other times when a repair cannot suffice. These reasons can be as following:


The windshield was damaged by a large object or if the vehicle was involved in a big crash. In this case the glass must be replaced without concern how large the crack is. A major crash could weaken the windshield’s structure, and it can increase the risk of cracks or chips in the future. Once the windshield’s structure has moved from within, it can also lose its structural integrity against strong winds. So if you drive the vehicle with the same glass, even if it’s repaired, you cannot afford to exceed a certain speed limit. The local or state laws may not allow you to drive with a cracked windshield. This can vary from one state to another, but many states can charge hefty fines for driving with damaged glass. So it will be better to get windshield crack replacement.Because windshield crack replacement is considered as a safety measure, many insurance providers can cover the costs involved. But you should check your policy and the deductible. If your windshield is damaged and not repaired immediately, the crack or chip can spread. If you have not quickly fixed the problem, there is a good chance that it will be required to have a windshield crack replacement. So if your vehicle’s windshield is damaged, howsoever, small the crack may be, you should have it checked and fixed immediately. Now that you know when a replacement is needed, you should be able to take the right decision.

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