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Windshield Replacement Cost
(Riverside, Corona & Costa Mesa)

Tips To Reduce Your Windshield Replacement Cost

If your vehicle’s windshield is damaged and if there are multiple or large cracks, chances are that the glass will have to be replaced. As a standard, any windshield that has cracks of 24 inches or long need to be replaced. It is simply not safe to repair them. The windshield replacement cost will depend mainly on the type of vehicle you have and any unique characteristics to its windshield. You can expect to spend anything up to a few hundred dollars for a full replacement. But there are ways to reduce the windshield replacement cost using a few strategies.

Auto Insurance

The windshield replacement cost can be covered partially or fully under your auto insurance in certain cases. But it depends on your policy and if and how it covers the damage. You could call the insurance company to determine what’s there in your policy.

Replacement to Repair

Many potential windshield replacement jobs can often be changed into repairs by experienced professionals. If one company has suggested you to get it replaced, you should check with a number of others. Preferably, look for someone who is vastly experienced and is a specialist. They can evaluate and recommend if a repair can suffice. That can help you save big on the windshield replacement cost.

But remember that it is not safe to get an unsafe crack to be repaired if it is larger than the standard limit for replacement. An experienced service professional will take many factors into account, which include:

  • The size of the crack or chip

  • The severity of the damage

  • The location of the damage

If the crack is large enough that it cannot be repaired, you will have look forward to bearing the windshield replacement cost.

Repair Considerations

Even if the cracks are less than 2 feet long, it is not always possible to repair them. Only an experienced service professional can tell if such damage can be repaired safely or not. You can try to repair them, but it is more likely that you end up wasting the money without getting the desired results. You should instead use the money on the windshield replacement cost.

Many vehicle owners may think of using a used windshield to replace the damaged glass. Local used parts stores can often have a matching windshield, but it’s almost impossible to find it. Even if they are found, many of them will have cracks and chips of their own. Besides, it’s very rare that used windshield can be found for the same vehicle make and model.

You can also check with your local repairs shop to get an evaluation. Sometimes they can replace the windshield and offer lower prices. It is also likely that they may have special promotional prices, which can help you save more on the windshield replacement cost. So take all the above-mentioned steps to check how much you can save on the costs. Repair is not always recommended. Get an honest evaluation from the service professional to determine the safety risks before you make the right choice.

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